The regeneration of Knight’s Hill Wood


This year project funded by  Awards For All  will to run 40 sessions engaging with a wide range of people from the local community. The aim of the project will be to improve an underused local woodland, increasing local community cohesion and teaching participants new skills, increasing their confidence and social networks (even new friends!).


38 Forest School / natural play / environmental educational / practical nature conservation sessions will mainly run at Knights Hill Wood in the London Borough of Lambeth: some of the project sessions in local housing estates, enabling the project to reach urban children and families from deprived areas that otherwise would not participate in this kind of events.

Knights Hill Wood Capital Clean Up Day 27-6-16 Lambeth Nature conservation Home education free activity

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These mostly weekly activities (with seasonal adjustments) shall be run partly as After School Clubs or School Holiday Schemes. Many of our project activities  involve children & young people up to 15 years old. Whilst other activities shall be Practical Nature Conservation, which will help maintain / increase the natural biodiversity of Knight’s Hill Wood and these activities will be open to all.

2 coach trips to countryside locations shall be run for local families participating in the project. This trip will connect members of all the generations living in the local area in order to foster a stronger community. There will be a total of 50 places available on these coach trips for members of the local community.

The activities shall including natural play activities in outside environments, environmental education such as bug hunting and plant ID. Forest school activities include cooking on a campfire, making items from wood and learning to use tools. Specific instructions will be followed when any fires are created by participants and only on project activities, such as using a portable fire pit or kelly kettle to ensure that the fires do not damage the natural environment.

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We also plan to improve local community usage of the woodland by installing seating and pick up litter / dog sign which will be designed by local children.

For more details contact:


Operations Director John Cannell: 07984662996

Executive Director  Douglas Saucedo Anez: 07712285873


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