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Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded Nature Vibezzz a £8600 start up grant for a 1 year project starting May 2016.

This funding will enable Nature Vibezzz to hire a part-time project manager, run 20 free nature focused activities in South London, train staff / volunteers and develop new community projects.

The grant funded period will help Nature Vibezzz increase its network and opportunities regarding future heritage focused community projects. Providing us with a platform to reach, inspire and engage with a wider diverse range of people in historical / natural heritage.

Nature Vibezzz shall work with local community groups and other partner organisations developing projects and exploring new potential community projects, enabling Nature Vibezzz to run future community projects that motivate, preserve and inform people about their local historical / natural heritage.

The start-up grant shall provide Nature Vibezzz with stronger and more committed governance, better management structures and more skilled staff members to provide the organisation with a more secure future. The newly recruited and trained volunteers shall provide the organisation with increased capacity and skills to secure and run successful future projects that shall benefit communities and heritage.

Click here for updates on HLF start up Project and pictures.

Nature Vibezzz would be interested in hearing from community groups, schools and charities interesting in developing partnership projects.

We are also looking for volunteers to help on project activities and with admin / Public Relations.