The Ironmongers’ Company 

Overview of project

This year project will run 20 free activities engaging with a wide of people from the local community. The aim of the project will be to improve green spaces, increasing local community cohesion and teaching participants new skills, increasing their confidence and social networks (new friends). Many activities will include a child-led approach developing self-initiative, promoting independence and self-esteem and building social skills through outdoor play and learning.

The project activities will focus on primary school children and family groups taking part in the sessions.

Teaching about the natural environment through natural play activities, environmental education such as bug hunting and plant ID, Forest school activities such as making items from wood, fire making and learning to use tools. Whilst other activities shall teach practical nature conservation skills, such as planting native species and protecting areas through maintaining or creating wildlife habitats that will help maintain / increase the natural biodiversity of the project sites.

The project program will include:

– Woodcraft,

– Organic vegetable and fruit gardening,

– Promoting wildlife through planting wild flowers, making insect hotels, etc.

– Healthy eating: snacks/lunch prepared with organic harvested food

– Reusing materials through instructive workshops.

– Bush craft skills such as using tools, safe fire lighting, den building etc.

The activity sessions will be mainly run at urban green spaces in the London Borough of Lambeth. Some of the project sessions shall be run in local housing estates enabling the project to reach urban children and families from deprived areas that otherwise would not participate. We aim to engage with young people from these estates who are likely to obtain a poor educational attainment, or may be experiencing social or emotional isolation.