Walcot Foundation Granton Primary School 2016/17

Learning through play – Nature the way


This project shall run forest school / natural play / environmental educational / sessions to be delivered at Granton Primary School and Eardley Road Sidings nature reserve in the London Borough of Lambeth. The project will be twelve (6 week) outdoor education programmes for children attending Granton Primary School.

Granton Primary Year 5 students pond dipping Lambeth-9

These weekly sessions will be delivered as after school clubs, with 2 programme sessions aimed for different age groups, to be run every school week Thursdays and Fridays. Each programme will be aimed at children of age ranges with set of specific activities to enhance the academic benefits for the different groups. These sessions will run during the school year with two (6 week programmes) during every half term. For health and safety / child protection reasons each session will be facilitated by 2 forest school leaders, each session to be run with around 10 to 15 children. The project activities are additional and not within statutory funding or replacing existing activities at Granton Primary School. All project sessions shall be tailor-made and created to be improving children’s skills, increasing confidence and self-esteem in each session.

First Free forest school after school activity for Granton primary school children Lambeth-7

Throughout the project staff shall work closely with Granton Primary School staff. The school will support the project in various ways including help find participants, supporting students to learn to design project posters and flyers, use of school computer IT, tracking participants progress, allowing participants to leave class early to participate, and more.

The activities shall include learning about environmental education i.e. bug hunting; plant ID, through play i.e. collecting natural items. Forest school activities shall include learning about fire safety, cooking on a campfire, bushcraft, outdoor survival skills, building dens, and learning to use tools.

First Free forest school after school activity for Granton primary school children Lambeth-6

Fire learning project on Eardley Road Sidings nature reserve to be done using a portable fire pit or kelly kettle to ensure that the fires do not damage the natural environment of the common. All activities done on Eardley Road Sidings nature reserve will be done with the approval of the relevant organisations.

Granton Primary School forest school after school activity Lambeth-8

The activities will contribute to children vocabulary through tutors introducing them to new words and from interacting with their peers. Their understanding of vocabulary will be increased through children spending time in new environments (i.e. woodland), learning plant and animal names plus learning how to take care of nature. Their understanding of vocabulary to be increased through taking part in different activities, using a variety of tools, learning to cook outdoors, etc.

Project newsletter avaiable here Granton after sch newsletter