Knights Hill Wood Clean Up Volunteer Days


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First day Clean Up day at Knights Hill Wood

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This Nature Vibezzz will work with two local community groups and a local Primary School and Children’s Centre to encourage participation in the clean up days at Knights Hill Wood. We aim this will be the start of greater use of the site by the local community, including the two local community groups involved to use the site on future activities.

Through cleaning up the woods and involving volunteers in range of practical activities, we hope more people will connect with and use the site and we will help achieve Knights Hill Wood becoming a Local Nature Reserve.

Free refreshments will be provided to participants helping on the days.

Nature Vibezzz is looking for volunteers to help on both days and we can pay local travel expenses.

Tools and equipment will be provided by Nature Vibezzz, but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own gardening gloves. Volunteers should wear gardening / old clothes, sturdy footwear and have up to date tetanus.

Please contact us at for more info.

Tasks on the day will include:

  • Removing rubbish at the site to make the site more clean and pleasant for local people to use.

  • Clearing some areas of ivy to encourage increased biodiversity at the site through creating the environment for wild flowers to grown.

  • Removing Ivy from some trees to help the trees live for longer and encourage light into the woods, providing the conditions and encouraging more diverse plant life to grow.

  • Clearing some low hanging tree branches to encourage more light into the woods and remove any potential hazards for users.

  • Cutting back bramble / shrubs to create habitats in the wood that encourage a range of plant species to grow and increase biodiversity of the woods.

  • Creating stage beetle habitat to encourage the growth of the population of this endangered species in the local area.

  • Repairing wooden fence around wood to improve the appearance of the woodland and encourage more users.

  • Planting native plant species that will thrive in the wood and increase biodiversity.

Knights Hill Wood

Google map of Knights Hill Wood


Outcomes of Nature Vibezzz Knights Hill Wood Capital Clean Up Days

Practical nature conservation day outcomes Lambeth London

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These events are part of Capital Clean-up which is a partnership campaign led by the Mayor of London to help Londoners work together to spruce up their city. It is supported by McDonald’s and is part of the Mayor’s wider Team London volunteering programme.