Grow Back Greener With Nature Vibezzz

This project is funded by Mayor of London Grow Back Greener Fund

On this project we will run nature-focused activities at various sites for families and children (especially families from a BAME backgrounds) from London Borough of Lambeth areas classified as areas of deprivation. Activities will be crucial for participants who will be coming out of lockdown, reinforcing their adapting and thriving capacity. Activities will include a child-led approach developing self-initiative, promoting independence and self-esteem and building social skills through outdoor play and learning.

Activities will include:

– Woodcraft

– Organic vegetable and fruit gardening

– Promoting wildlife through planting wild flowers, making insect hotels, etc.

– Reusing materials through instructive workshops, litter picking

– Bush craft skills such as using tools, safe fire lighting, den building etc

– Planting and maintaining 80m wildlife hedging

Reducing flooding in Tivoli Park

– Planting osiers and goat willows, coppiced annually and the whips used on future projects

– Work in the drainage ditch, clearing of trees, planting, logs and stones

– Dead hedging to help slow water movement down slope

Engaging local community with green spaces

– Footbridge in Tivoli Park

– Flower, vegetable and fruit planting in housing estates

– Children / families designing green areas / posters

– Water butts in housing estate community gardens