Nature Vibezzz: Nature Conservation session on Streatham Common

Nature Vibezzz delivered a Nature conservation session on how to prepare for the winter season: “Planting winter crop and bulbs”.

The session was delivered by Nature Vibezzz, thanks to our founder GREGGS Foundation.

Many participants were from the local community South London area, specifically  Streatham Common.

Parts of the session were delivered between “57 The Lodge” and Streatham Common.

Introduction: the session was very popular; around 30 families attended, they experienced   how to prepare soil and ways to plant winter crops.

Many  children had the opportunity to learn how to use a variety of tools, improve their fine and gross motor skills, explored maths and literacy. e.g. counting plants, bulbs,   writing plants’ names for displaying.

There were planted around 100 winter plants and 150 heads of bulbs: cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, onion, garlic, King Alfred, Daffodil, etc.

At the end of the session we all had hot drinks and marshmallows.


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