First Greggs Free Family Community Project Activity: Taking care of the Environment on Streatham Common

On Monday 12th September, Nature Vibezzz delivered their first free Environmental sessions on Streatham Common in Lambeth, as part of our 10 free sessions activities thanks to our founder from  GREGGS Foundation.

Our first session was  delivered to local  families from the community and to  the Natural Childhood group.

The main activity of the session  was to collect rubbish  from Streatham common and around the local estates play ground.

Feedback from participants rated the session very helpful and have said that they have left knowing how to take care of the environment more than they did before.

Photos from the activity:

nature-vibezzz-greggs-children-environmental-activity nature-vibezzz-greggs-forest-school-free-activity-streatham-common nature-vibezzz-greggs-free-family-nature-activity-london nature-vibezzz-greggs-free-nature-activity-on-streatham-common  nature-vibezzz-greggs-litter-picking-on-streatham-common-lambeth




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