Third Nature Vibezzz free summer holiday activity at Lollard St Adventure Playground

On Thursday 1st September Nature Vibezzz run our third free summer holiday activity at Lollard St Adventure Playground in Lambeth as part of our HLF Start up project.

Run by Kennington Association Lollard St Adventure Playground is a fantastic site that features multi-sport ball courts as well as a diverse and interesting adventure playground, with play equipment for children 6 to 16 years old.

On our third day at the site we ran two activities in the morning we did pond dipping. At the sites wildlife pond we hunted for pond insects with nets. The children found a variety of different insects including Freshwater hoglouse, Freshwater shrimp, rat-tailed maggots, worms, snails and leeches.

In the afternoon we made bird feeders with the children. Using mixing bowls and wooden spoons the children mixed the ingredients of lard, sunflower seeds, suet, mealworms and mixed seeds to make their bird food. The bird food was then put into plastic cups, and either placed around the site by the children for the birds to eat, or otherwise the children choose to take their bird feeders home.

Once again our activities prove to be very popular with the children at Lollard St Adventure Playground.



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