First Nature Vibezzz activity at Lollard St Adventure Playground

On Thursday 18th August Nature Vibezzz run our first activity at Lollard St Adventure Playground as part of our HLF Start up project.

Run by Kennington Association Lollard St Adventure Playground is a fantastic site that features multi-sport ball courts as well as a diverse and interesting adventure playground, with play equipment for children 6 to 16 years old.

Our first activity at the site was a insect hunt at the site’s wildlife area with many of the children who came to the adventure playground on the day taking part in the activity. Initially the activity was scheduled for just the morning, but as the children were really engaged in the activity we stayed until the playground closed at 4pm.

Many of the children gained confidence, with some children who had never held an insect before gaining enough confidence to hold creepy crawlies, and some even holding spiders and snails.

The activity was a real success with children engaged in the activity for the whole day. Plus Nature Vibezzz was invited back on Thursday 25th August to run another activity at Lollard St Adventure Playground, when we shall be making popcorn and natural perfume / magic potions with the children.


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