Nature Vibezzz Free school holiday insect hunt in Deptford Park

On Wednesday 1st June Nature Vibezzz ran a free children insect hunt activity with Evelyn Parents Forum at Deptford Park Play Club.

Thanks to the Deptford Park Play Club many parents and children took part in the activity on a cold overcast day.

Using insect boxes, magnifying glasses & pooters the children hunted for insects and found lots, including ants, spiders, shield bugs, baby lady birds, green fly, snails, slugs, ground beetles and more.

After the insect hunting the children showed other children at the centre what they had found and some of the children also made their own animal masks. Many of the children really enjoyed the activity with several asking when the next insect hunt is.

Deptford folk helped organise and promote this free activity to local families.

Comments from parents included

“The children were very interested” and “Very good activity for the children”

Below are photos from the day


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